15 Apr 2021

What Is A Prenuptial Agreement In Bitlife

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Now that you share the same bank account, it also means that you can unite as a couple to make big purchases, like cars and houses. Even if you divorce, you will still keep the houses or cars you bought, but the downside here is that your bank assets will be less than half of what they were before if you didn`t get your current ex-spouse to sign a marriage contract. Let`s go straight to the head of the discussion and talk about a prenupe. A prenup is the abbreviation of a conjugal agreement in which individuals can protect their property before marrying. Thus, a person would list his qualities or property before the marriage, in this way they can maintain what is for him if the marriage ends in divorce. In the meantime, both parties maintain all non-cash assets they held prior to the spin-off. With all that has been said, and if you look at the photo we attached, the changes do not seem too drastic in most cases, but at least these prenupes in the game work nowadays in a slightly more realistic way. For example, if you have an adult child at stake and your net worth at the time of death was $10 million, including $9 million in cash and a car and a house worth a total of $1 million, $4.5 million goes to your spouse, with the remaining $4.5 million deducted from taxes for your only son or daughter. If, in the same example, you have three children, all that remains of the $4.5 million after tax will be divided in three ways if you choose the “equal sharing” option in the will and will. Basically, a prenup is a gold seeker`s worst nightmare. Think of it as an agreement that protects a person from loss of wealth or property if they are going to divorce. If you try to marry someone, you will have the opportunity to sign a prenup.

One way or another, the success of refusing a prenupe or your other significant signature is based on your relationship. Start warming them up while you are still engaged to increase those chances. Go on vacation, spend time together, give them gifts, compliments, even money. That is a penny compared to what a judge will force you to pay. The paragraph above also explains some things about how divorce agreements work, but there is even more to discuss this particular topic. In case you married someone with a house (when you don`t have one) and you didn`t sign a prenup, you`ll lose the house if you get divorced, even if the money is always split in both directions, as we`ve already said – good for you if you were the poorest half of the couple, bad if you were the richest half. And as we explained in a previous council, you will receive, no matter what money you currently have, in the event of a divorce without a prenup. When it comes to inheritance, the game has taken just about one of the best problem workarounds for the next generation bitizes to inherit a ton of assets from their dirty rich parents.

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